Ehasa @ Berget 14

We will update this blog constantly about our journey to the Berget | Päivitämme jatkuvasti blogia Berget-matkan vaiheistamme.

Getting the gear together

This coming week we will be checking and packing our gear for the trip. We hope we’ll get everything together by next weekend so we can carelessly leave towards Sweden. We’ll try to get a video out next week showing off our gear. 

Prepairing for the journey

Our boat leaves 27.6 20.00 from Turku harbor. It’ll be a challenge to get all the vehicles(3x ATV, EB, 3 offgame-vehicles) in time into the boat, but the other option is to cross the sea from north if we’ll miss the boat.

Building our game vehicle

We bought our game vehicle Volkswagen Transporter t4 (year model 1995) in February 2016.  Soon after that we started planning about upgrading the EB(ehasa bil) to suit better our needs. First we painted the vehicle to olive color and soon after that we bought the turret mount and some steel beams and plates for the […]